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Bau-ing the Haus

Notes for my future house, which will absolutely materialize once all the sweet art-historian monies begin to roll in.

My ongoing obsession with glass-walled showers: the blog, the life.

Kickass outdoor living space for that posh house in the woods I will never actually afford.

The amount of time I spend wailing covetously and looking at pictures of kitchens...

How to make a black-and-white color scheme quirky and idiosyncratic.

I love these kinds of windows. ♥

Basically my goal in life is to commission Domestic Architecture to design my house.

Oh I like this. I love the stripped-down Old World vibe and the little clerestory to get some natural light in. Yesssssss.

Nooks + multistory windows = WHY IS THIS NOT MY HOUSE.

Art Nouveau. I don't think you understand how much I need this to be my front door. *_____*

Wood-panel siding and miles of glass! (My tastes can be kind of Scandinavian at times.)

A twenty-first-century answer to that über-60s conversation pit that the Drapers are always knocking each other over into.

floor-to-ceiling windows and rustic hardwood floors: two life goals.

New Orleans showing the rest of us how it's DONE.

Oh my god, it is a tiny trailer in the sky! EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED.

Oh yes I can have windows like this, that is acceptable.