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For an extra dose of clarity, add a couple of see-through chairs. This space accommodates a variety of pieces, yet somehow it doesn’t seem cramped. Glass and acrylic can do wonders.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Fun Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Fun Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces - 48 Pics

If there's no space for a real dining room, you can at least carve out a little spot like this using a folding tray table and a couple of chairs.

HowStuffWorks "10 Tips for Decorating Studio Apartments"

HowStuffWorks "10 Tips for Decorating Studio Apartments"

When selecting a coffee table for a small space, try two small tables. Here, the designer used two bunching tables made of wire and glass, which maintains visual openness without compromising size or function.

How To Make Your Place Look AWESOME

Studio idea: If you're putting up a wall to create a bedroom, why not a wall of glass blocks? Visually, it doesn't close off the space as much as a solid wall, and at night, light coming through the glass wall would be a nice feature.

Renovated two-story condo in S.F.'s Lake district

Nice way to divide a room without visually closing off the space.

Hudson Woods - desire to inspire -

Small Space Design - Make Use of Every Square Inch - Designers Bill Brockschmidt and Richard Dragisic's New York loft apartment is just 640 square feet. "We had to be inventive," Brockschmidt says, so they created a stair landing that can be turned into a bar and buffet for entertaining. In the dining room-library, a staircase leading to the bedroom loft incorporates bookshelves, and the landing doubles as a sideboard and bar.

Big Style in Small Spaces

A 250 sq ft apartment in New Orleans is transformed in to a gorgeous space with a light color palette and tons of bargain finds.

a small apartment with big style

Brilliant! Picture frame (or mirror) fold up table.

40 Small Bedrooms Ideas

40 Small Bedrooms Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Doing a Lot With a Little: Small Apartments

Doing a Lot With a Little: Small Apartments

retractable bed for small interiors

Retractable | Architect Lover

Adjustable Bed Compact House Fascinating Idea for Small Interiors: Retractable Bed by Funn Roberts

Retractable | Architect Lover

The effective layout of this space gives it the full functionality of a non-studio apartment. Offset from the bedroom, the sofa faces the back wall creating an intimate seating area of its own. A cubicle shelf unit serves as a simple room divider between the living room and bedroom. Small, sleek accessories and decor make the space visually appealing while keeping it from appearing cluttered or busy. Tip: Use warm colors, like orange and taupe, to make the room look cozy without feeling dark.

Studio Apartment Makeovers

Use Shelves To Organizing Small Bedroom... If you don't have floor space, use your walls.

How to style a small bedroom...

Where the Sidewalk Begins: {Small Bedroom Style}