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diy christmas ornamnent wreath photo tutorial **however, not mentioned though how pricey this could be. Ornaments aren't cheap! Even plain that you glitter yourself**

  • Heather Nicole

    What about the dollar store or craft stores? I bought a ton of ornaments for cheap. Just gotta look!

100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards

Elf making brownies with a note written to the kids asking to help finish making the brownies by cracking eggs. :)

Love this! letter from your elf on the shelf to say goodbye after the holidays

This is just sweet. Mom painted her kids' noses red while they were sleeping... and set up the elf like this. I wonder if my 22 year-old is too old for this?

  • Ashley Elledge

    I think this is great and my mom would totally do this ( i'm 23) I would def have a mimosa with her! :)

What a unique way to create a holiday glow! I was delighted to come across this unique winter craft created by SaltTree- simply made with a mason jar, miniature street light found at a dollar store (that really lights up!), glue, white glitter, and fake snow. I think these would make special holiday night lights or look great on a Christmas mantle

Really funny and creative elf on the shelf ideas.

Letter 'wreath' made by gluing Christmas berries from the craft store to a wood letter. Gorgeous!

Christmas string a few different sizes to make a centerpiece.Do with white cord, spray with tack, sprinkle with irredescent, do a "forest" of them.

MUST DO FOR KIDS THIS YEAR!: to help them celebrate Jesus, the Sweetest Gift. Each candy represents one of Jesus' names.