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Baloo, Leo, Shere Khan

Wait Until You See What Happened To These Three...

Evil spirits...

Scumbag booze - 9GAG

So do I bro, so do I... For those that don't know, this is Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in Thor and The Avengers. It's funny now, isn't it? :)

Accurate. Especially the Target one lol

30 Funny and Honest Company Logos, Slogans - TechEBlog


"Larry! Come Quick! Someone Finally Got the Joke!"

funny - Seems legit


Every t-shirt has a meaning…

Fluffy. Milk. Horse. Lmfao.

Tumblr Tuesday 4-8

I don't know whats funnier, this meme or the fact that I can hear this exchange in their voices.

"Eh he has a few more minutes 'til all of his vitals are frozen, lemme snap a few more selfies!"

Random Funny Pictures - 41 Pics

Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case For iPhone 5 Features A Flashing Power Core By Daniel Perez on 05/01/2013

One of my favorite movies!