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Detail of back of 1870's Black and Brown Silk Natural Form Silk Traveling Dress

1900s vintage postcard of Scottish actress and singer, Miss Jean Aylwin.

Queen Louise of Prussia in Riding Habit, c. 1809

Cornet Robert Doyne, 7th or Queens Own Hussars circa 1825

Postilion’s jacket, 1825-1855. Russian Court Dress. All ranks of imperial servants wore livery, or court uniform. The postilions and coachmen, accompanied the emperor’s entourage on formal outings, either riding on horseback or driving the imperial carriages.

Uniform of General of Division worn by Napoleon at the Battle of Marengo, 1800

Grand Duchess Olga in her Hussar uniform and Grand Duchess Tatiana in her Lancers uniform each held ceremonial post over a regiment.

Grand Duchesses Tatiana in her Lancers uniform and Olga in her Hussars uniform. Each of the Grand Duchesses were given regiments.

Hunting bodice worn by Empress Eugénie de Montijo, 1853-70, Musée de la Vénerie

Seeing a woman in the midst of the hotly contested Civil War battlefield of Spotsylvania surprised the veteran officer of the 8th Ohio Infantry Regiment! Seeing her in uniform - a Zouave uniform at that - astonished him all the more. She was the famous Vivandiere, Marie Tepe, who served with in the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Riding habit jacket Place of origin: England, Great Britain (made) Date: 1885-1886 (made)