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Loved by Tokyoites

Tokyoites suit up politely, shop maniacally, and seek peace in silence. From the ethereal cherry blossoms of Ueno Park to the eclectic pop-up shops of Nakameguro, discover what's loved by Tokyoites, as suggested by Tokyo hosts on Airbnb.

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Where to stay: Tokyo's touted as one of the world's fastest-paced places. Find solace from the commotion and stay in a one-of-a-kind reprieve tucked away in the heart of Harajuku.

Local flavor: Izakaya eating. Tokyo locals love dropping into the small izakayas that snuggle into larger-than-life Shibuya.

Where to stay: Known for its willingness to lead the way, Tokyo invites you to stay in a series of rooms in Nakagin Capsule Tower, a rare architectural example of Japanese Metabolism designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972.

Local flavor: Sidewalk shopping. Wearing exquisite vintage threads, Tokyo locals love to pop by Nakameguro's pop-up boutiques.

Where to stay: Sliding doors and simple adornments exemplify a Japanese bedroom. Stay in a tea-worthy, tatami style room that highlights the fact you're in Japan.

Local hotspot: Yoyogi Park. Qigong, Tai Chi, and sip tea at Yoyogi Park, a public green space embraced by the community.

Local flavor: Spending the day in popular park spaces. Tokyo's demonstrators, cosplayers, performers, ponderers, and spiritual practitioners plant their feet in Yoyogi Park.

Where to stay: It's uncommon to find large rooms in the city. Stay in a spacious 60 square meters that doubles the size of the average Tokyo apartment.

Local flavor: Finding silence at a shrine. Tokyoites seek peace at Meiji Shrine, a verdant escape from Shibuya's frenzy.

Favorite neighborhood: Harajuku. From extreme teenage street styles to prominent displays of ever-rotating street art, Harajuku reigns as Japan's forward-thinking fashion capital and Tokyoites are proud to carry the title.

Local flavor: French influence. Locals love to snack on crepes gone bananas, chocolate, and spiced, available streetside.

Local hotspot: Hachikō. Tokyo's favorite meeting place and bronze-cast canine, Hachikō, waits and watches as people reunite at his feet.

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    isn't that the dog which always waited for his owner to come back ? very sad movie with richard geere :(

Where to stay: The eyes of an animated creature peek from behind the table in this centrally located space. Find coffee shops and Obentos outside. Find comfort and quietude inside.

Local hotspot: Nakameguro's sidewalks. Tokyoites find tomorrow's styles of yesteryear in line with their own soles.

Local flavor: Cherry blossom season. Sakura, or the exercise of enjoying cherry blossoms, is beguilingly fruitful in Nakameguro. Tokyo's locals are entranced annually, between the end of March and the beginning of April.

Where to stay: A spartan space is quintessentially Tokyo. Find comfort in its simplicity near Ebisu Station.

Where to stay: Relaxing on pillows is a way of life in Tokyo. Stay in a traditional house in a neighborhood that rewards uncommon exploration.

Local flavor: Street artists, street musicians, and street performers. Public expression is personal art in Shimokitazawa.

Favorite neighborhood: Shimokitazawa. Tokyoites love this swiftly rising neighborhood as their city's trendiest, and quite possibly its friendliest, bohemian scene.

Favorite neighborhood: Aoyama. Once-current trends evolved into bespoke elegance in this high-end, high-rise neighborhood. When locals are looking for couture labels, they love to look in Aoyama.

Local hotspot: Kabuki-za. Tokyoites' favorite theater for traditional kabuki performances stands amid Ginza's glittering high-rises and chic fashion houses.

Local flavor: Balance. Honoring the past and walking in the present is a balance Tokyo achieves with ease.

Favorite neighborhood: Ginza. For thread-barers and look-book fanatics, Ginza remains the destination for seeing and being seen among the racks of the world's most upscale shopping.

Favorite neighborhood: Ebisu and Daikanyama. Winding streets, open-air cafes, art spaces, and salons lend Ebisu and Daikanyama a distinctly European ambiance. They're also the reason why Tokyoites tend to end up here.

Favorite neighborhood: Aoyama. When it's nouveau French cuisine they seek, Aoyama is where locals go.

Local flavor: Hand-crafted clothing. Boutiques weave themselves into Daikanyama Street's window-filled narrative.

Local flavor: Time honored tradition. Traditions are preserved in Bunkyo District's sacred spaces.

Local flavor: Historical walkabouts. Historical walkabouts like Ya-Ne-Sen offer a tour of the side of the city locals love to see.

Local hotspot: Tokyo Dome. Home base to Tokyoites' beloved Yomiuri Giants baseball team, the entertainment complex sports a roof-splitting roller coaster that knocks fun out of the park.

Local flavor: Spiritual festivals. Come springtime, the Asakusa Sanja Festival commemorates the Tokyo of generations passed and celebrates the Tokyo of today.

Local hotspot: Ueno Park. Local know best during cherry blossom season. All-day campers stake out the best views of the blooms.

Local hotspot: Ueno Park. Home to the Ueno Zoo, several museums, and a beguiling lotus pond, Ueno Park lures residents from the top floors of their offices to the ground floor of the earth.

Where to stay: An immaculate space with a balcony, a Nespresso machine, and bright orange cupboards to please the spirit.

Local flavor: Traditional competition. Sumo culture flourishes in Sumida District. Sumo stables dot the area.

Local flavor: Artisanal leanings. Cafes, community art centers, and collaborative spaces are beginning to sprout in Sumida District as more and more locals take notice of the area's cool attitude.

Favorite neighborhood: Sumida District. Artists are moving in to create pieces that move their audiences.