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Air Plant Design

Decorist CEO Gretchen Hansen shares her current favorite home accessories for spring

Air Plant T Rex Kit from Air Plant Design Studio. #bigheadlittlearms

Bright enamel bird + ionantha tillandsia #airplants

Moss and air plant mini bubble terrariums.

Air plants in bloom, nestled in Hedgie cups from @Anthropologie

air plant "curtains" outside a commercial space. How cool is this?

Blooming air plant from Air Plant Design Studio | Measuring Hedgies from Anthropologie

hanging air plant terrariums over the table, love this!

Tillandsia Wall via ClydeOak

New terrariums coming soon: Light bulb air plant terrariums. #lightbulb #terrariums

A blooming Jucunda air plant (tillandsia) #airplant #tillandsia

vertical tillandsia garden above a tub, how zen!

Amazing Tillandsia wreath

Tillandsia terrarium = a little bit of beach even in the middle of winter. #terrariums #tillandsias

Glass apple terrarium with a beachy mix air plants, reindeer moss, and sand.

Air plants inside glass lamp! There would need to be an opening in the lamp for them to get air though, otherwise it would kill the plants...

Birdcage + xerographica air plant. In. Love.

LOVE this rustic table with xerographic tillandsias as decor!

Ionantha and Caput Medusae air plants (tillandsias) on a mantle.

Three air plants in mini vases with sand, love them on this mantle

Mini Copper Planters. Omg these would look AMAZING with air plants too! (and rocks instead of soil?)