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In a parallel universe...

Run Mars, run!

Got humans - Win Picture

Harry Potter characters: Book VS Movie

Harry Potter: The Books vs The Movies [Picture]

I got the moves like jaguar, I gotta the moves like jaguar.....

And everyone asked me why I was laughing so hard // Good one!

Majestic as f**k! // work it dude, find the angles, find the light, pose pose pose!

some dude just can't chill out, lol!

One barney for kids, one barney for adults. Fair enough. Both Barneys taught me so many things. :P

It's a tense day today, this just cracked me up big time!

Every girl's dream.

You better remember how it feels to be lied to kid, so when you grow up you'd never lie to girls

Never got tired of autocorrects, here's a collection that will make you laugh till you cry!

Okay, really, this one made my day, LOL!!

someone just got rich-slapped!

Social media in real life

Social media in real life