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Korean hand games- some of the ones from Orff 2012 conference

My new bulletin board theme! Covered the board with newspapers, added border and completed one of these newspapers about myself and posted on the board. Kids will complete them and put them on the board during their first week of lessons with me. Should be fun!

Great for first intro working in groups---Setting Expectations for Group Work

Emotions are the language of childhood

T.I.M.E.- Guided Math Groups...awesome!

Year-Long Comprehension Guide

Visual Schedules on a pill box - when the kid completes a task they can open the pill compartment for a small reinforcer!

Write a scene for this.

Books that help kids love (and understand) math concepts!

How to listen to instructions, how to ask for help—social skills kids need and how to teach them.

Who's Who and Who's New: Ten Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom with Online Tutorials

Digital Brain Breaks! Trust me, your students will love you! Coding, Art, Music, Science, and more

After School Routine Checklist. You will be a better teacher if you do this each day. CW

Research based ideas on how to set up your room. Good to consider when prepping your room for the school year.

Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling…

Good idea to label files with binder clips so the labels face up

Books about generosity, giving, and sharing.

Free poster for the classroom

This would be a great classroom poster.

I want this sign in my classroom.

classroom management.