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Want!!!!!!!" Stocking Stuffer- Dripless strainer $4.95. Must have!!!! every person who lives in a house and has a kitchen should own this thingy right here

Buy ALL the things meme credit card. I would like to obtain one of these, please.

Ladies Shaving Ledge, duh, its about time! this is a awesome idea and I so want one for my shower!

Jewel Compound Bow by Matthews. Theres a little pink jewel in the riser. Designed for the ladies.

Bling Bling

Engraved Smith & Wesson .38 special--gorgeous!

Layering for warmth I love the flannel, sweater and scarf look... So flattering for any lady

Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow. Not the pink one..

Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Tracking Stickers: The StickNFind works by placing a small Bluetooth sticker onto a remote, pet's collar, or even your child's backpack. You can then use your iPhone or Android device to locate the item, causing it to vibrate and light up.

Solar phone-charger for road trips or life in general. so cool!!!

Voice-activated grocery list organizer that records, sorts and prints your lists. Want it! :-)

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house. No way!!!

The Personal Speaker Pillow. Only the person lying on the pillow can hear the sound. Much nicer than sleeping with earphones in. Yes please!

The new Polaroid camera - I kind of want one. :-)

Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle tracks your water consumption, sets a pace, and motivates you to meet your optimum hydration level.

A speaker which screws into a lightbulb socket. It connects wirelessly to a ipod dock. Need this for our house