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Knitting - Tutorials, Stitches and Patterns

How To Knit a Neat Selvage. Knit to the last stitch of each row and bring the yarn forward before slipping it. The result resembles a line of knit stitches running up the side of the piece, not unlike a bound-off edge.

1884 Knitted Lace Sample Book: May 2009

How to Knit the Tile Stitch featuring LanaMundi Yarns Tajik Mohair.

How to Knit the Tile Stitch

From Jimmy Bean: How To Do Yarn Overs Four Different Ways. Did you know that there are many ways to do a yarn over (YO)? We didn't either, until Terry shared her knowledge of YOs with us. In this instructional video, she shares it with you as well! Find out the various ways to knit a YO depending on whether you are knitting or purling - and the next time you need to YO, you'll be an expert!

Knitting Help - Three Options for Joining a New Ball of Yarn

Knitting tutorials Go to this website. Really clear and great visuals. Way to go.

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How to Knit the Broad Spiral Rib Stitch

How to Knit the Broad Spiral Rib Stitch

my very favorite method for short rows. So much easier than the wrapping and turning and wrapping and turning!