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The River Thames

Paddington Basin View painted 2007 Rebecca Cresswell

BBC - Your Paintings - Paddington Basin View

Richmond Lock Footbridge, painted 1977 Evelyn Fulluck

BBC - Your Paintings - Richmond Lock Footbridge

Water nymphs. These delightful statues were brought to England from Italy by Whitaker White in 1904 and are currently located at York House Gardens (Twickenham) alongside river Thames (South-West of London).

Turk's Boat Yard, Kingston, - Aubrey Sykes

BBC - Your Paintings - Turk's Boat Yard, Kingston, London

Low Water, Strand-on-the-Green, painted 1975 Aubrey Sykes

BBC - Your Paintings - Low Water, Strand-on-the-Green, London

John Bryce: The Prospect of Whitby, wood engraving

The Society of Wood Engravers Gallery 01

This water gate stood at the river’s edge, fifty yards from Samuel Pepys’ house. Built in 1626, as the triumphal entry for the Duke of Buckingham to York House, since the Victoria Embankment was completed in 1870 it has been marooned a hundred yards from the Thames.

In Search of Relics of Old London | Spitalfields Life

Silver lady found by Mudlarks along the Thames, estimated to be approximately 200 years old.

Steve Brooker, Mudlark | Spitalfields Life

Swans are removed from a stretch of the River Thames near Henley to make way for the annual regatta, June 1900.

The Saxon Coronation Stone in Kingston Upon Thames the site of seven Anglo-saxon Monarchs Coronations from Edward the Elder 900Ad to Ethelred the Unready 979AD

Gold and pearl pomander or musk ball probably belonging to Elizabeth I, English, 16th C. Found in the River Thames at Windsor. Because of the bad scents which accompanied Tudor England settings, pomanders or musk balls were part their lives. Usually, an orange (perhaps stuffed with cloves) was placed inside the ball to freshen the air with pleasant scents.

The Quiet River: The Thames at Chiswick - 1943 - 44 - Victor Pasmore

BBC - Your Paintings - The Quiet River: The Thames at Chiswick

Boats at Twickenham, 1926 - Duncan Grant

BBC - Your Paintings - Boats at Twickenham

London Bridge, Adelaide House, Fresh Wharf - Charles Ginner

Your Paintings - Charles Ginner paintings