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this would be cute for the boyyyy.

Chichilianne, Rhone Alpes, France

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  • Amy Partain

    This isn't real. Saw it on the science channel. It's held in place with fishing line.

  • Ellen

    Ya I was just about to say that I saw it on the Science channel too

  • 🎀Charlotte🎀

    Ya i was gonna say fishing line. Except I saw it on YouTube in science class

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  • Sue Placey

    I had a Quaker parrot who used to ask "Am I an eagle?"

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  • Madisson M.

    That was on another tumblr post or something wasn't it? ^^

  • ♛♕Lissa♕♛

    Idk my friend told me that it might be an idea I like and I did like it so it's part of my funeral plan I didn't know it was a tumblr post .-.

  • Madeleine Ebaugh

    I literally peed myself laughing at ths

  • Kayla Gunderloy

    The piñata filled with bees is from a webcomic called doghouse diaries.

  • Time Traveling Dovahkiin Hailey

    I'm gonna have my sister dress as me, (we look very much alike she's younger) and run in with a sonic screwdriver and say," alright. This is where it gets a little confusing. She had to go to trenzalore ugh OK so this is where I end this is how it happens and that's OK that's good we're all story's in the end so she made it a good one" and then she'll run out crying.

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