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Manual Mode 102 1. Welcome, A Shoebox of Memories. 2. What are the best settings for my dSLR camera? 3. Can I take pictures of people in public? 4. Recognize Composites & Safety First 5. What’s the Best Lens for your Shot? 6. 1 / Focal Length, Shutter Speeds and Lens Choice 7. Supplement Available Outdoor Light 8. Tips for Photographing in Bright Midday Light 9. Tips for Indoor Photography 10. Your flash is probably just annoying those around you; the Inverse Square Law 11. Metering Modes: 3 ways to Measure Light & Exposure 12. Matrix Metering vs Center-weighted Metering vs Spot Metering 13. Why shoot “Under”, Shooting Underexposed 14. Why Shoot “Over”, Shooting Overexposed 15. Why Focus & Recompose isn’t the Best Choice for Portraits 16. Composition Tip: Don’t Crop at the Joints 17. 3 Tips for Shooting Subjects’ Faces 18. 2 Simple Rules for Posing Portraits 19. What is the S-Curve? 20. Smile and say Cheeeeeeeese! Getting Natural Expressions 21. Catch the Light | Identifying Catchlights 22. How to Calculate Depth of Field 23. Room Ambient Light & Photo Editing 24. Rock whatcha got: Using ACR to Fix Color Casts 25. Using Batch Editing for Fast Post Production 26. Tutorial: How to Fix an Overexposed Photo 27. Tutorial: How to Fix an Underexposed Photo 28. How to care of your jpg image files 29. Be Prepared 30. Be a Critic 31. Filling Shoeboxes – Memories not to Miss

Manual Mode 101 1. Welcome 2. Find Your Camera Manual 3. Shooting Fast vs. Shooting Slow 4. Controlling the Faucet – Learning ISO 5. Understanding Aperture, Part 1 6. Understanding Aperture, Part 2 7. Tackling Depth of Field 8. The Exposure Triangle 9. Scales 10. Meter Maids – In Camera Metering 11. Tips for Shooting Manually – Link Up 12. What’s White Balance? 13. Setting Custom White Balance 14. Histo-huh? What’s a histogram? 15. Histograms in the Field 16. Exposure Compensation 17. The Low Down on Lenses 18. What camera do you have? 19. When natural light won’t cut it 20. Art in Photography 21. Elements of Composition 22. Post Production 23. Levels vs Curves in Photoshop 24. What’s a Layer Mask? 25. How to Install Photoshop Actions – featuring Jodi from MCP Actions 26. Photoshop Actions Resource List 27. When too much is too much. 28. How to Resize your Images to Share on the Web 29. 12 Steps to a Sharper Image 30. My Workflow 31. Thank you & Live the Moments

How to meter from one area and focus on another in real.plain.english

Are you feeling out of depth with your photography? This is an article for you. In 15 minutes you'll have some great ways to improve your shots.

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