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Flowers of Alaska

Many people think of Alaska as this cold barren place where nothing grows. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the arctic tundra has a brief but glorious flowering season.

Salmon Berries (Rubus spectabilis) and Alaska Blueberries (Vaccinium ovalifolium), both delicious berries that grow wild in the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska

ripe, red, high bush cranberries, Prince William Sound, Alaska | Patrick J. Endres

A Himalayan Blue poppy I photographed in girdwood Alaska, love the color so much

YELLOW BIRCH is food as well as a medicine for people in Alaska.The sap is drunk directly from the tree as a beverage and spring tonic and used on boils and sores as a medicine. Sap can also be rendered into syrup, or fermented into wine. It also has many medicinal uses. Plus... Birch bark makes brown dye for skins. It is used for tannin. Leaves of B. nana are said to dye a better yellow than common birch. And for 'Wintergreen Tea' from the barkand twigs which are available throughout the year.

Frigid Shooting Star, a member of the Primrose famiky

Alaska Spring Beauty is a delicate white and pink flower among green foilage.

Alpine Hawksbears n Gtaes of the Arctic National Park

Lapland Rosebay, rhododendron lapponicum, is a member of the Heath family.

"Squirrel Tail Grass, Alaska“

Squirrel Tail Grass, Alaska

Alaska ~~ Fiddle Head Fern. Food delicacy frequently served at an Alaskan potluck. (Unrolling fiddle-head fern.)

Fiddle Head Fern I Alaska Travel Photos