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When Airfares are the Cheapest

Iphone cover that helps you destress? Everlasting Bubble Wrap iPhone Case

Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List of computer helps

This made my day

NO MORE BLISTERS! Just rub a little Band-Aid Friction Block on your toes or wherever your skin is sticking and its "like wearing a sock!" --- a bridesmaid/ bride must buy!

Celtic symbol for sisters

Omg! I figured it out- not as dumb as I look:).

Watching Goonies with my kids for the umpteenth time - my sanity Watching them crack up at the part where they say the penis is the moms favorite piece of the statue - priceless

What a genius!

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

This is seriously so smart You put in your grocery list and it gives you coupons!

Life Hacks Part 2 - Imgur

this sums up my life..

Google Sky Map: Point your phone at the sky, then learn what constellations are visible

Find My Friends is a location app that lets you know where your friends and family members are at a glance.

Do you know how funny this would be though...