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30 day journaling prompts to learn more about yourself. - I wouldn't do all of these, but this would be fun to do with a boyfriend/spouse to learn more about each other.

Top 20 Life Hacks Of The Week (Mind Blown!)

Drunk Sherlock is a a thing off beauty.

Ray Ban discount site. All of less than $16.20

"Christian Workout Music: 100 Uplifting Songs- need to go to gomusic to get some!" Pin now, look in to later.

2. Capture Natural Expressions. Place the couple close together and then capture that natural expression of love like the beautiful smile that makes this photo stand out. By Damian Lovegrove.

Azula: It's never too early for a sitting with the court painter, Zuko. ... Make sure he gets your good side. #theLastAirbender

  • Madison Di Angelo

    I have a red birthmark that runs down my leg and it's just like gh!

  • Alex Camacho

    A burn about a burn, that's a 2nd degree burn!

  • Red Rolfe

    I know, it's so embarrassing! Everyone assumes I got my scar in some cool badass way, (excuse my language please,) and they I say, "I got it when I was being an idotic two year old and trying to feed a stray cat."

  • Madison Di Angelo

    Sometimes i wish that people would not ask and just go on there way (no problem)

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Marry this man. MARRY HIM.