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$5 craft: Make an Alien Abduction Lamp

Funny quotes about being a mom! | Baby Dickey | Chicago, IL Mom Blogger

omg you can just tell he loves her so much...

Hahaha this would be me. Lol

  • Dean Wilcox

    No . . . this IS you! . . . and just in case you were wondering . . . I WILL stay by your side and wait until you are ready!

I have 'Cleaning ADD'. I start dusting, and 6 loads of laundry, a sparkling toilet and reorganized cabinets later.... I still haven't dusted yet.

Fencing--still awesome

  • Aleece Wilcox

    I haven't in a long time, but yes.

  • Aleece Wilcox

    We should find some foils and take each other on!

  • Sandi Roughton

    I have my equipment upstairs! I am prepared to timidly fight you. Please be aware the quadrants around my abdomen are getting larger daily.

  • Aleece Wilcox

    You have your own equipment? Now I know why you are cooler than me!

  • Sandi Roughton

    That's how I took the class! It was part of the initial cost.

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I was running late, so I had asked my husband to peel half the potatoes and put them on to boil and I'd be home soon after to finish dinner. When I got home this is what I saw...

  • Marisol Holder

    My husband would do this. It is in his honor that I'm pinning this. :)

This has nothing to do with reading, dyslexia, or learning disabilities. It's just too funny not to re-pin. :)