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Sapphires like you’re not used to see them. Flat with trigons but with beautiful blue color. Love it!


The Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

According to oral history in the Hmong community, it is said the Hmong women hid the ancient Hmong paj ntaub script in the clothing of the Hmong people, especially in the pleated skirts of the Green Hmong. From this time forward, the scripts became motifs or symbols in Hmong embroidery.

Hmong Tribal Tattoos 04

Faceted Hollandite Included Quatz.

5.80 ct - Hollandite in Quartz, symmetric reflections

The Subway Garnet is a 10 pound garnet crystal discovered in NYC in 1885 by workers digging. It is owned by the American Museum of Natural History, NYC.

The Subway Garnet

Gemstone Healing Bed.<---WOW!

Welcome to Emmilia Ireland Ltd Crystal Bed from John of God


This is so beautiful! It has really inspired me to make better use of my own altar space, perhaps by investing in more candles, and by tracking down a suitable altar cloth. Photographs certainly add a more personal element to the space- incense and flowers also make it a little more special, though I'm inclined to use dried flowers rather than fresh! Om Mani Padme Hum ♥