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Costumes - 1800's

All sorts of fashion from the 1800's that is more like a costume or piece of art, historic, vintage or museum quality, etc, than regular clothing, shoes and accessories.

Evening Ensemble: ca. 1890's, French or English Couture house, Greco-Roman himation, hand-painted silk crepe embellished with hand-blown mercury-lined glass beads, chiffon undergown.

Child's circa 1844 Ensemble from the Philippines.

Ensemble | Philippine | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1884 - Two-piece dress (bodice and skirt). The bodice closes by a front lacing to reveal lace beneath

Abiti Antichi- Abito 73

Dress, Evening R. H. White & Company  Date: 1885 Culture: American Medium: silk, feathers

Party dress, 2nd half of the 19th century. Silk, gold thread, lace, braid, and silk flowers. Museo de Historia Mexicana

Evening dress, 1895-1899 London, the V Museum

Boots 1880, Made of silk, linen, and satin ~ more for you Ms. Rachael!

Manchester City Galleries - Search the collection

A whitework embroidered gown, 1830s, with horizontal gathers, whitework bands to the bodice

Wedding Vest Date: 1840–49 Culture: British Medium: silk, cotton, leather

Wedding vest | British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An 1893 beetle wing embroidered evening dress by Louise Winter, currently in the Museum of London.

Late 1870s day dress

Fripperies and Fobs

Wedding dress, 1884 Canada, McCord Museum