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"To reach a port, we must sail. Sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor."

Infinity tattoo idea with birds

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Too Freaking Cute | Ruth Tattoo Ideas

  • Kristina Pagliuco

    Is that a question? I never stated you were angry I stated you need to calm down. If this tattoo is in a public forum I can comment to it. That's simply it. Obviously I've hurt your feelings by pointing out a defect in the tattoo. For that in so sorry I've hurt your fragile feelings.

  • Chelsea Winans

    No, it's not a question. Am I the only one that thinks that when someone says to calm down it means they think you're angry? Yes, it's on a public forum, but it's not on your body, so why shoot it down with negative comments? You don't like it, then you don't like it. Doesn't mean you should say it's stupid. That's like me saying anything you have tattooed on YOUR body or something you want on your body is stupid because I don't like it. Which I won't because It has nothin to do with me or my life. My feelings aren't hurt because that tattoo isn't on my body and you haven't said anything that negative towards me. Not a big deal I just believe that people should keep their negative and rude comments to themselves. I mean if you would of just pointed out what you think it would should say instead of saying how stupid it is. Then we wouldn't even be talking about this still. All I'm saying, I'm done with this now.

  • Kristina Pagliuco

    I only asked if it was a question because of your punctuation. I never said you were angry I said you need to calm down. I'm not the one that brought the negativity into this conversation. You are the one who brought in depression. I simply pointed out what was wrong with the tattoo and you attacked me. Maybe if you used your logic and read my comment and the tattoo you would understand what I said.

  • Kristina Pagliuco

    Savannah that comment is the reason people are dumb in this world. I have every right to express how I think something is dumb. My husband and I aren't hurt by your comments. I said the tattoo is stupid because the sentences make no sense. I can say and write how I feel. I never said the girls were dumb I never said they looked like criminals I simply said the tattoo is dumb. I never attacked them like the two of you are attacking me.

  • Ana Sullivan

    Savannah you should be ashamed of yourself. Even though you deleted that comment you still posted it and people still read that. You have no right to berate someone just for having a different opinion than you. I honestly agree that the tattoo does not make any sense. The grammar was definitely off. But to see you get so defensive over something that isn't even on your body is ridiculous. Do all of us a favor and grow up.

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I have found the perfect workout for my family...Duck Dynasty Workout!! :-)

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Life can never have too much glitter :) -P.S.

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Mini mouse cupcakes...cute

BFF shirts... @Yal Ananthabalan First day of school: Me: sitting on bench Next day i met you and: Me: laying on da ground laughing my head of😜😝

Why does this make me laugh so much?

"You only live once, but if you do it right...once is enough"

I didnt want to read this first because it was long. but im glad i did. In other words, when the going gets tough, I get going no matter how much the past meant to me..

Faith is bigger than fear...I don't know what the future has in store..I've lived a few decades now and I'm still learning... Amazed Though I been knocked down..I'm still standing.*

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