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Doomsday December 21 2012

above my mantle

Girl power :)

  • Marcia Bradford

    Way to go Girl !!! Lol. : )

  • Deborah Layne

    This woman represents Rosie the Riviter. My mother in law was actually one of them. She drilled the rivits in the airplane wings during the war. She passed away this past year at the age of 92.

Magnetic chalk board on the side of your fridge using chalkboard paint. I'm TOTALLY for this...I'm not sure Chris would go for it, though.

Ribbon Clip Bookmark

outdoor fireplace

This looks so much better. I am going to do this to what we have in the master bedroom.

bathroom organization

homemade shout stain remover

:) The Holstee Manifesto

you and me, infinity and beyond♥