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UNUSUAL DATE IDEAS. Some of these are so cute if I ever went on dates...

nerd love, this is exactly it, I give him kisses when he saves the day and when he loses!

Start writing things in this starting from when you get engaged and give it to him the night before the wedding for late night reading that will leave him more excited than ever to wake up the next morning.

is this a beautiful thing I should post under things i love, or a humor bit because of the last line? sorry for the double pin but i just cant help myself...

100 ways to make your marriage rock. This is an extremely legitimate list.

  • Amber

    some thoughts on this list (based on my personal experience, obviously, and not much else): - don't waste good lipstick on the mirror. if you are going to write notes on the mirror, buy a cheap eyeliner. even then, he probably won't notice it. - don't share earbuds, then you don't get to listen to the whole song. get a headphone jack splitter, so you can each have your own pair. or don't use headphones. - do go to the bed at the same time. that's good. - don't do the shirt thing. it just looks insecure. - 15. yes. - DON'T LOOK TO HIM TO MAKE BIG DECISIONS. DO NOT HAND OVER DECISION MAKING. IT IS YOUR LIFE TOO. DO IT TOGETHER. DO NOT EVER GIVE UP POWER OVER YOUR OWN LIFE. THAT IS TERRIBLE ADVICE, AND I DON'T CARE HOW SHE DEFENDS IT. LET HER MAKE THE SMALL ONES - WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? (also, very heternormative. not every marriage is one man-one woman. how would that situation work?) - sometimes you both need to nag. do it with love. - respect and love are not gendered. you should respect AND love each other. not love the woman, respect the man. the hell is this sexist crap? - basically, all the gender specific things - change to "each other" in "take each other's compliments" or "tell each other how in love you are" or "make each other's favorite dessert" (seriously... dudes like cooking too! and cooking together is fun) - 38. yes yes yes yes. - 39 also. - it is not just up to women to learn to enjoy something their husband loves. the husband (assuming a hetero relationship) should also make that effort. seriously, what is with the gendering in this list??? - 59 is good advice. use non-violent communication. "I" statements, not "you" (this actually makes communicating way easier, I promise). that is all I have to say about that!

| this is my response to "23 things to do instead of getting engaged before you're 23". just shedding some light on a more accurate perspect...

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What girl doesn't want to hear a speech like that?