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finish your antibiotics folks! for the good of mankind!

Beatrice the Biologist: Cell Biology

Acid Base Humor Comic--Litmus test

Hahaha ohhh....

Science Major Mouse

Need Tissue Grab Kimwipe

nananananananananananananananana... BATMAN!

Batman - Fou Tees T-shirt and Gift Printing Ireland

I love it

Hahaha what romantic

I need more biology loving friends to laugh about this with.

He's A Crafty One

He’s A Crafty One

Capillary network in skeletal or striated muscle. The many loops allow the capillaries to change their length in response to changes in the length of muscle fibers during contraction relaxation. Dr. Richard Kessel Dr. Randy Kardon/Tissues Organs/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.

901114.jpg | Visuals Unlimited

Those Cells Just Look Evil

Those Cells Just Look Evil

Colored scanning electron micrograph of the blood vessels coming from the optic disc. Way cool.

This is great, and makes me feel like I'm back in my favorite rainy place.

Hyperdontia is the condition of having supernumerary teeth, or teeth which appear in addition to the regular number of teeth