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Steal This Look: Water Troughs as Raised Garden Beds

Steal This Look: Water Troughs as Raised Garden Beds: Gardenista

The architects from Aedas designed a building in Hog Kong which includes housing, offices, retail spaces and a car park. The facade is customized with suspended planters which purify the air and also have a greening effect on the neighborhood.

Designed by Lacaja Arquitectos, this kindergarten has a very beautiful wooden facade with built-in planters. It’s like a vertical garden that’s part of the building.

Attach short pieces of hose or plastic tubing to the metal rake, counting the tines so that the hoses are spaced equally. As you drag the rake across the prepared soil, you have an instant planting grid and row markers.

How to Lay Out a Planting Bed

Raised Planter Gardening Stand DIY Project - Great for Deck and patio gardens, small yard vegetable gardening

Reusing Plastic Chicken and Salad Containers for Gardens

Small Garden/patio Ideas planting a tomato plant in a bag. You can also hang a bag upside down and grow a tomato plant hanging out a small hole at the bottom. The roots will grow up and the tomatoes will hang down perfectly. No need for trellising, let gravity do the work ;> #garden #gardening

How To Grow Tomatoes Without A Garden

Here how i made my vertical vegetable garden, starting from used big water bottles as planters. An automatic watering system keep the right moisture, ...

Self watering vertical garden with recycled water bottles

Quick green bean trellis? Tie the strings to a rock! Then tie the strings to the top of whatever you’re letting your beans grow up (porch, fence, house, neighbour’s car) with the rock falling at the base of each bean plant.

rad compact beekeeping kit for urban gardens -- help to boost devastated bee populations!

To Bee: Compact Beekeeping Kit for Urban Gardens | WebEcoist

Pinner Wrote: In the center of the gardens, we placed old used wooden patio umbrella frames (also salvaged) which we secured to the outer frame with wire. Plastic greenhouse grade sheeting was placed over the top and secured to the upper frame with strapping. At the base of each side “wall” we rolled the plastic around, and secured it to 8’, 1” x 2” lumber scraps, added hooks and eyes, and voila!…our greenhouses.

Raised Bed Gardening From Recycled Materials |

Sun Hives are a hive design coming out of Germany and now gathering interest in Britain. They’re part of the world-wide movement towards ‘apicentric’ beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal. The Sun Hive is modeled in part on the traditional European skep hive, and is aimed at creating a hive that maximises colony health. The main thing I love about this hive and the enthusiasm surrounding it is not the hive itself,

The Sun Hive: experimental Natural Beekeeping

PVC fence finials, drilled a small hole in the bottom for drainage, planted my flowers and added string as a hanger.

CreatingCottage: DIY Hanging Basket EASY

Such an obvious cloche - why didn't I think of this? You can cut the sheets to suit the size of your beds.

50 ways to fertilize the garden for free - great ideas you probably hadn't heard of, but could easily do from home! :: DontWastetheCrumb...

50 Ways to Fertilize the Garden For Free

Vancouver police have opened a new rooftop vegetable garden to help officers reduce stress

Cops go beyond the kale of duty

Garlic Water For Plants: Easy DIY organic pesticide:•1 Small Head of Garlic 1 whole head of garlic in a blender. smooth as possible. 2.Add two cups water to the blender and pulse. 3.Pour the mixture into a glass container and sit covered in a dark place for one day. 4.When ready to apply, strain off all the solids and dilute with more water until you have a gallon's worth of solution.

Using Garlic Water for Plants

Preparing the Harvest for Donating to the Food Bank

Preparing the Harvest for Donating to the Food Bank

Do you save seed for the future? Learn to make a DIY Seed Vault - Save Seed for 10 Years preparednessmama....

DIY Seed Vault-Save Seed for 10 Years | PreparednessMama

How Rooftop Farms Yield 20 Times More Produce Than Traditional Farms

Urban Farmers Bring Fresher Food To Cities - Business Insider

Inner city vertical farm concept designed using shipping containers

One of the 1000 meter tall skyscrapers proposed in China for 2018 could have 100 stories of vertical garden or vertical farm and they are not SkyCity