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Cool Pets & Animals

"Cats are smarter than dogs, you can't get 8 cats to pull a sled through the snow." Jeff Valdez

Skye Berwinds horses lol Cochise

After four days of searching, my brother in-law found Duncan after being lost in the woods. - Imgur


This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire

Stray cat meets wild cat, lives happily ever after - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

'Canon Ball !!!!' Spring Boarding French Bulldog.

can't. stop. laughing.

A Dog Catching Chicken Nuggets

She's right behind me, isn't she?

電車ごっこ?|ウーマンエキサイト みんなの投稿

Not only does he love to dig holes, but he loves to sit in them and stare at everyone...

A Dog’s Purpose, According To A 6-Year-Old (Photo)

A Dog’s Purpose, According To A 6-Year-Old (Photo)

Depressed goat ends hunger strike, jumps for joy when reunited with burro friend