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framed glass that is painted on the back - as a prettier alternative to a white board in the kitchen. good for leaving notes or making grocery lists.

How to tone thighs in a month. Things that won't kill your knees.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (41 Pics)

11 Decisions you'll have to make right after your birth and need in your birthing plan

10 Decisions you will have to make (or will be made for you if you don't know any different) at the birth of your child. Very good information for ALL soon-to-be mothers or those who plan to have children one day.

Expecting Mom Kit - Pregnancy Kit - Checklists, Birth Plan, and other printables for expecting mothers - INSTANT DOWNLOAD on Etsy, $8.00

Tool: Birth Plan - Pregnancy - Pregnancy Tools - because you can never be too prepared, too early!

  • Tara Simon

    ....aaaaand then you'll never end up using it :)

  • Michelle DePalmo

    Why would you not use it unless you're a total pushover? I used mine

  • Lianne Doan

    because sometimes things don't go as you plan

  • Danielle Fontaine

    That's why it should be called 'birth preferences'

  • Iris Sabala

    I'm due in about 6 weeks- with my first child- and even I know that this is an impossible birth plan to follow. Enemas? Yikes! LOLOL!!!!

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I don't know which kids room this will go in. But this is definately something I can do!! And will!!

Weekly pregnancy checklist. Oh I do love the organization! And it keeps you from getting overwhelmed!