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Digital Marketing & Communications

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Social Media Is the Top News Source for Brits U...

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Model the world with Wolfram’s new software for...

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Which Social Media Outlets Are Most Effective For Your Rankings (INFOGRAPHICS)

Is the 1% participation rule dead? The BBC thinks so

  • Andrew Spong

    What demographic was being sampled?

  • Alex Butler

    The BBC quote: "the Participation Choice is a synthesis of primary and secondary research conducted over the past 18 months. The data published today are all taken from the most recent, large scale survey of 7,500 UK adults - representative of the UK online population."

  • Andrew Spong

    Thanks, Alex. As I must have asked that all of an hour ago, I'd totally forgotten I'd done so until I saw you'd kindly shared this info on facebook, too... #fried

So you're a cyborg -- now what? -

The Path from a Social Brand to a Social Business | Social Media Today