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Dream Garden from High Mowing Organic Seeds

I truly wish that I had thought to do this sooner. It was so great to have a place where I could make a High Mowing Organic Seeds wish list AND get an idea of what my garden will look like beforehand. I can not wait to see the pins on my board come into fruition in my garden! Thank you HMOS for the inspiration and for offering so many great varieties of high quality, organic seeds!

Organic Baby Doll F1 Hybrid Watermelon

Organic Golden Midget Watermelon when paired with HMOS' Grazia Arugula and some feta, is going to make for the best salad ever.

Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Golden Midget Watermelon

Hanging melons in a hydroponic garden (at disney); Definitely a nice set-up, but probably not one of the high quality organic, NON-GMO varieties that I'd actually want to grow or eat... thank goodness for High Mowing Organic Seeds!