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things that make smile

Boston Ivy overgrown cottage, in Autumn red. Dartmouth Park, Sandwell, England Original Photography by vwcampervan-aldridge

Shanan my brother i miss you and your face! Sha'Anon Fader makes the bomb vegan and raw coconut kefir at Alive and Well in Kahului. Coconut is King!

sweet jesus this child terrifies me

He wanted the baby to know that he would always be in the picture. Stop it.

NO. Whoa. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when life hands you an gnarled stump where your arm was supposed to be, well, at least people will probably stop handing you lemons all the damn time. Make your own lemonade, jerks. He’s got a dolphin for an arm.

Don't. Welllll, Okaaayy, but just for a few seconds...

Garbage Pail Kids GelaSkins

so glad the cat people found one another...and are breeding.... @Shamara Bondaroff

25 Crazy Belly Paintings | The Wondrous Magazine