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Alice Pritchard

Alice Pritchard

watercolor+phoenix+tattoo | watercolor phoenix tattoo - Google

Yes! Definitely words to live by

I hope to someday have this effect. Or to be as cool as Bill Nye

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  • Jennifer Yuille

    This is so true!!!

  • Jon Lesue

    Really??? This is such a bunch of CRAP. I know many beautiful, strong women that were raised up in truth and taught wholesome values that sought after and married men with integrity.

  • Abbie Normal

    Nothing about this quote indicates whether said woman is "wholesome" or not. All women have had a crush on, or been in a relationship with a man who has treated them badly(stood them up, cheated on them, lied to them, etc). All of us have misjudged someone; it is no indication on their character, just their ability to trust others. There are a lot of manipulative people in the world, many of them men. I don't think this is feminist or's about learning from our mistakes, in this case women's mistakes with regard to men.

  • Christine Jupp

    His name is Dad

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What a real woman looks like!

  • Angela Frantz

    Skinny women are real, too. All women have their own stuggle and we should support each other regardless of shape and size. (I'm a curvy girl, I just don't love the term "real woman".)

  • L Sterling

    Oh please. Shes right on.

  • Sarah Batchelder

    ummm....missing TONS of stretch marks! ;-) LOL!

  • Pennie Malenke

    Certainly did not mean to offend anyone, but I think Lizzie Miller portrays a more realistic image of what most of us look like!

  • Cody Bertram

    Simply beautiful!

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miniature wearable & collectible foodstuff

Proud and beautiful!