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super pretty for the spring time: burlap, ribbon, mason jar, daffodils

love this Spring wreath for the front door.

i used to make my momma buy these for me every spring :)

  • Beth Garland

    Aww, I remember getting them too! The dye can't be good for them though :(

Place egg in very lightest dye (let's say pale pink) for just a touch of color. Dry. Wrap several rubber bands around the egg, but leave plenty of pale pink spaces in between. Dye in medium color dye (such as hot pink, or magenta). Dry. Remove rubberbands. Dry again. Wrap several rubber bands around egg, but not where the magenta is. Again, leave some pale pink stripes. Place in darker dye, like red or purple. Dry. Remove rubberbands, and you should have a beautiful tri-colored egg!

Easter Egg :D