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This should be my weekend quote from now on.

"Happiness is a 3-day weekend" quote via


Just an FYI for those who camp out on my page, waiting for my pins ;)

better days are coming. they are called: saturday and sunday.

Happy Weekend | The Fresh Exchange

I love lazy Sundays where I spend all day in my PJs.

Daydreaming about the weekend

I'm constantly thinking about the weekend so I can have a break from school.

Oh yes please. No working on the weekends :)

Pajamas all day- a book, coffee, or hot chocolate.. and I'm a happy girl!

1/12/2014 Easy like sunday morning ❥went to Mass decided to enjoy breakfast in front of TV and watched Meet the Press! I did book work, as I got so far behind....I can see top of desk finally! Skipped lunch...did puzzle with John Boy...played on Pinterst...that is about it for today!

Oh how I wish every day could be Saturday! Well the Saturdays I don't work!! But beyond excited about my date tonight!! Come on 3pm!!!!! ☺

The weekend is so close we can taste it. And it tastes like a cocktail. #friday #weekend

These are my Sundays! Pajamas, coffee and Pinterest!

Desiree' Frantz why do we worship God by going to Church on Sundays? When God said "On the 7th day, rest" the 7th day is Saturday....Does the word 'Sun God' ring any bells???

TGIF | Happy Friday!

And I am soooooo glad you're finally here! Happy weekend everyone!

Does anyone have any great get away plans for this weekend?