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You’d be surprised at the amount of detail a simple blood spatter can reveal. The folks at Forensic Nursing have put together a guide to Blood Pattern Analysis for budding CSIs, so the next time you stumble across a crime scene you’ll be able to tell if the spatter is from a blunt force trauma with a baseball bat, or a wounded perp on the run.

NASA scientists have found the crash site, pictured above, of a spacecraft set into orbit during the early 60s. This one–thankfully–is not crawling with Decepticons. They believe it is the missing Lunar Orbiter 2 which disappeared back in 1967 during a passage over the far side of the moon, when the craft went out of telescope and radio range.


Combine off-the-shelf insulation foam and modular robot components and you get a self-assembling robot that could be fit to a variety of tasks.

Why, hello there little robot with an iPad for a head. No, it's not a metaphor for what humans are turning into. This roving monitor is Roomba maker iRobot's latest, a navigator called Ava that the company is demonstrating at the International CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

Amazing 3 minute video, showing how humans can not live without a beating heart! Several inspiring 3 minute videos on FocusForwardFilms...