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Classroom Job Charts

Assign some tasks to students. Turn non-teaching chores into real-world learning experiences. Assign a student to take roll. You may wish to create a poster with a pocket for each child. These pockets can be made of library cardholders or laminated halves of envelopes. Label each pocket with a child's name. You can create a record of jobs/privileges, such as being the line leader or materials manager. Just add popsicle sticks to the library cardholders.

How this teacher manages: instead of having classroom jobs, she had a boy and girl "helping hand" of the day. The two helpers were responsible for all of the classroom jobs (line leader, door holder, running errands, etc.) Just write each students' name on a cutout of a hand and hang the hands on the wall and flip the hands each day. It is such a super easy system, and it works out so that students get to be a helper about once every other week.

educationjourney: Classroom Jobs

Help Wanted. Teachers make sure that every student has a job each week so that all are contributing to the classroom community. Some teachers have a chart with slots for the names of students currently serving as helpers. A card is then made for each child, and this card is placed in the appropriate slot when that child has a particular room helper responsibility. Teachers appoint students on a rotating basis. Appointment is done at the beginning of the week, and the appointments last one week.

Tips for job chart and center chart, plus FREE printables.

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