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Burn 10 calories per minute: Just bust out the Crank It move with a kettlebell

Get a Grip! 20-Minute Kettlebell HIT Workout

Toned arms - my bridesmaid dress is motivating me!

Sculpt Sexy Arms Workout: (8-12 reps w/ mod heavy weights.) Bicep curls Alternating Hammer Curls Resistance Band Bicep Curls Dips Tricep Kickbacks Seated Overhead Tricep Extention Reverse Grip Bent Over Row REST. REPEAT FOR 2-3 CIRCUITS.

*I tried this and those 10 minutes had me out of breath!** I saved this one for future use! Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout (10 Minute Video) watched it awesome for legs butt arms workout at home no machines necessary!

elliptical Brazilian butt workout.

Found this on an inspirational blog with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation.... #startnow

23 Ways to Push Through a Tough Workout! If exercise were easy, everyone would do it. But in fact, only 60 percent of Americans exercise regularly— and that includes walks and other leisure activities. But there are ways to push through the invisible wall and squeeze every last drop out of a workout. Read on for tricks and tips, no matter the mindset (buff bodybuilders and yoga girls alike!).

7 little things you can do when driving, sitting at your desk, or laying in bed that will help tone your ab muscles without too much effort! Every little bit of ab contraction counts! :)