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An annual spring read for the hub- I need to finish it but what I read with him was amazing! Why Christianity makes the most sense of the world we live in.

Very interesting read- this book is made up of answers/help given to real people who wrote letters to their pastor asking for help with tough situations they were struggling through.

I'd love to read this again- read when I was first married and thought it was a really helpful book then!

Most frightening, engaging book I've ever read. When the hub and I started to read it I got so scared a few chapters in that I almost abandoned reading it altogether. Once he convinced me I didn't need to be afraid for real we couldn't put it down and read most of it in one night together! :)

I love his writing style- my favourite series ever written. His other books are worth a read too, I've read several!

One of my favourites- I've read it a few times, and could read it again... soon!

This is a new version of the New Testament. Very good read, well written from what I've read so far. This is just the NT, but the whole Bible is worth reading! :)