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Ahhh! This is so cute! Image Market: Student Council T Shirts, Senior Custom T-Shirts, High School Club TShirts

Her Spirit Remains Intact, mosaic artwork by Ella Rhoades, for the survivor of a double mastectomy. She says, As my friend began to schedule chemo treatments, I started laying tesserae, each piece with a mantra for wellness and healing. I estimate 8,000 pieces of frosted pink beach glass. The piece also includes shards of stained glass, beads, spheres of rose quartz, and dichroic fused glass tiles. Handmade clay face tiles represent the seven chakras of healing and the voices of women with ...

Well if you have to take it, you can at least blame it for something!! LOL I blame my memory on the chemo!

Possibly the only cool thing about chemo. Except for saving my life, I guess...

My husband wants this so he can wear it to chemo! HA!