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Mind Blown! Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

Wish I knew about this beforeā€¦

Quadratic Equation infographic

What Is the Quadratic Equation? | in the cloud

Algebra foldable (frm Mrs. Willams Math Blog) "I just love the way so much content can be summarized in one handy location. Many of my 8th grade Algebra students are visual learners and all of them seem to enjoy the change in pace when we create foldables."

Interactive Foldable Book

Hands on Equations for iPad Proves Value of Visual Help for Algebra

Restructuring Algebra: Linear Functions (Part 2)

Restructuring Algebra: Linear Functions (Part 2)

Combining Like Terms practice 1

Learning with Tape: Pre-Algebra Topics ISN Pages

This download includes everything you need to teach linear graphing through foldables. Included are: 11 fun-to-build foldables, 6 reminder cards and picture directions for how to assemble everything.

Interactive Notebook: Graphing in Algebra (11 foldables)

My kids never quite grasped that to find one side of a square you need to find the square root of the area... I like this for them! :)

Interactive bulletin board

Fun competitive board! Use the playbooks each week leading up to the game. If the winning team also wins the Superbowl, prize is doubled. If the other team doesn't win the game but wins the Superbowl, every one can be a winner :-)

Solving Equations: Super Bowl Interactive Display

Slope sort. This activity helps students identify slope when it is presented in different ways. Students work in pairs to cut, sort then paste different representations of slope (tables, graphs, equations, coordinate pairs and triangles) into 6 categories: slope 0 through slope 4 and undefined slope.

Slope Sorting Activity: Identifying Slope in Different Forms

A good activity for teaching slope

I Want to Teach Forever: lesson plan

slope activity

INBs - A New Adventure - "Flip 4 Answers"

Talking Scientific Calculator ($4.99) Designed for a wide range of users, this calculator has large colorful buttons, optional high contrast, full VoiceOver support, and unique to this calculator; the option to use speech for answers, buttons names and formulas! Can read answers, entered numbers and formulas aloud. Built in recording studio and script. Requires only 5 minutes to record a new voice. Recordings can be transferred between devices using Bluetooth.

Talking Scientific Calculator

Tweechme ($0.99) Mobile App on iOS and Android App - teaching twitter to educators -

Quizard ($2.99) allows you to create hundreds of flashcards for your own use or download them from Quizlet, Cram, Course Hero, or Study Stack on the web. Study material, quiz using multiple choice answers, and then give yourself a final test! Quizard can be used by any age using any material that you can enter on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can also add photos to your flashcards from the photo sharing site, as well as upload your sets to Quizlet, Cram, or Course Hero.

Quizard on the App Store on iTunes

Common Core #Math Resources by Laura Candler - includes both freebies and paid resources

Laura Candler's Mini Pack Teaching Resources

Great for math journals. Start with the answer, let them create problems!

Mrs Jump's class: Penguin Plans Day 3 and a freebie!

i is a number: Functions, Domain, and Range Foldable