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Antique pontiled medicine bottle

Newbery's Brain Salt It's effervescent!!!! Good for headaches, nausea, seasickness, and brain overwork.

1892 - 1910 Antique Newton's Heave Cough Distemper And Indigestion Cure Horse Remedy Tin Skeleton Death

To be applied night and morning.

Poison. To be applied night and morning | The Quack Doctor

Facile Inhaler.

Auction 10 Preview

Genoese medicine chest, 1562-1566. Beautiful, rare treasure!

The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus), also known as the mejiro bird.༺♥༻神*ŦƶȠ*神༺♥༻

Bottle of blood purifying mixture, united kingdom, 1880-1930: diluted with water, a tablespoon of this mixture of iodised sarsaparilla was recommended to be drunk by adults three times a day after meals. sarsaparilla is a vine-like plant native to north america and the west indies and has a long history as a component of medicinal tonics, especially blood purifiers. the mixture promised to clear the skin and purify the blood and claimed to be an “excellent spring and autumn medicine”.

Crampton's Home Tablets No. 1 Constipation; ca 1900

Bottle of Medicinal Remedy from a Medicine Show

Bottle for anti-hysteria water, 1850-1920 - from the foundry at Santa Maria Novella, Florence. The water was taken with a cup of coffee with a third of a cup of water and a little sugar. This created ‘an aromatic drink that calms nervous excitation.’ Monasteries often produced such simple remedies and cures for general sale. In the 1800s, hysteria was a broad diagnosis applied to women with ‘nervous’ conditions.

Antique porcelain apothecary measures

La Belle Brocante

cube morphine, pop it in your coffee, 1902 ( vintage medicine / pharmaceutical / retro advertisement / funny )

Small Antique Tin Litho Kippe Cough Drop Medicine Tin Springfield MA c1890s

Not all medicine products came in glass bottles, of course. The small (1 3/8" tall), ceramic, English ointment pot or jar pictured above contained an ointment which claimed to be good for the "...cure of gout and rheumatism, inveterate ulcers, sore breasts, sore heads, bad legs..."