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Sparklet Nasal Completely Cures Head Colds by paul.malon, via Flickr

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Embalming fluid bottle

This small medicine bottle is inscribed 'FRIAR'S DROPS / BY THE KINGS PATENT GRANTED TO R. GRUBB 1777'. Robert Grubb's patent medicine Friar's Drops was promoted especially for its ability to cure venereal disease. Production Date: 1777-1800.

Chemist's Bottle | Museum of London

Newbery's Brain Salt It's effervescent!!!! Good for headaches, nausea, seasickness, and brain overwork.

To be applied night and morning.

Poison. To be applied night and morning | The Quack Doctor

Facile Inhaler.

Auction 10 Preview

Bottle of blood purifying mixture, united kingdom, 1880-1930: diluted with water, a tablespoon of this mixture of iodised sarsaparilla was recommended to be drunk by adults three times a day after meals. sarsaparilla is a vine-like plant native to north america and the west indies and has a long history as a component of medicinal tonics, especially blood purifiers. the mixture promised to clear the skin and purify the blood and claimed to be an “excellent spring and autumn medicine”.

Bottle of Medicinal Remedy from a Medicine Show