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Gerenuk is a species of antelope found in East Africa. Their name is derived from the Somali language, meaning "giraffe-necked." They can reach higher branches than other antelopes by standing erect on their rear legs and stretching their long necks.

Grevy's Zebras photographed in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya | © DLILLC/Corbis

If you're going to follow one chinchilla on Instagram you just have to choose BuBu

(via Lynx kittens., uploaded by jchip8 ) :)

A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a sleeping boy Photo by Williams/Fox Photos/Getty Images England, March 1940.

This is a Quokka, the happiest thing on the planet

Kitties in a Greek port, patiently waiting for treats from the fishermen

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