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Spray-painted re-ment kitchen system and fridge. Lovely!

more miniature cottage cuteness - loving the white on white look

Vintage kitchen sink - dollhouse miniature scale

otterine's miniatures

Dollhouse Miniature Ruler That Measures in 1 inch Quarter Half Scale | eBay

Miniature: A most fascinating website showing just how these miniature buildings and all their accoutrements are made

Mes Petites Propriétés

miniature: how to: faux linoleum floor using paint chips

Miniatures From Avalon Imagination

A tutorial on how to make a miniature cast iron look-a-like plant stand for a fairy garden or doll house.

MINATURE: DOLLHOUSE: TIP: Use idea for set building -- How to brick you dollhouse Part 1 - Fairy Meadow Miniatures

How to Brick your Dolls House Part 1 - Fairy Meadow Miniatures
  • blanche lynch

    How do you brick an already built house? and can you brick on card and then apply to your house? It looks great and l can't wait to try it. thanks Blanche

LED "throwies", cheap and very adaptable

Prints made of glue and eye shadows?! Tutorial For stone work

blah to TADA!: Animal Prints

how to: entryway/porch light (In Spanish, with good step-by-step photos)

Warhammer Building Walkthrough by dlshadowwolf

Warhammer Building Walkthrough by dlshadowwolf on deviantART

Miniature -- Mona Lisa & Monet Paintings Approx. Measurements 6cm x 8 cm Scale 1/12 Ideal for : Craft projects Decorating around your doll house

SILLAS - cloeserrato - Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums - cloe Serrato - SILLAS

Paper model template for dollhouse furniture

  • Bresy Lopez

    How do you make this or where can I buy this this is perfect for the project I need for m.a school next week!

  • suzarra kushner

    I can't see this it jumps to an add for magazine purchase

Paper Minis: Miniature Books, Doll and Dollhouse Accessories Available in Multiple Scale, Do-it-yourself DIY Pre-printed Kits Home Page and Site Map ls

Picasa Web Albums - Sherree

Range Hood - Sherree - Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums - Sherree