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How to make Bangs ( pin them in place, and then use tacking stitches in a matching color thread to sew them down).

Mimin Dolls: sweet drinks

Mimin Dolls: bebe doce

Mimin Dolls: bebe mesh

Mimin Dolls: bebe de malha

Mimin Dolls: annie doll wool hair

Mimin Dolls: boneca annie cabelo de lã

Mimin Dolls: a beautiful little angel pink

Mimin Dolls: uma linda anjinha rosa

Mimin Dolls: Doll shoes

Mimin Dolls: tênis para doll

Mimin Dolls: little baby on the moon

Mimin Dolls: bebezinho na lua
  • Gwen Koller

    She is so beautiful. I would like to make one for myself. Are there instructions in English. Thank you

  • Quirky Alina

    use 'google chrome' as your search engine and it will translate into English.

Mimin Dolls: girl with poodle

Mimin Dolls: menina com poodle

Mimin Dolls: Twins - Alice in Wonderland

Ballerina Tilda

Mimin Dolls: Tilda bailarina

Tilda - Tin Soldier - Free Pattern. This is a scanned page from a book by Tone Finnanger. She is the creator of all those cute cottage 'Tilda dolls' and many other toy patterns. Many of her books have been translated into english, but not all. You can buy them in book stores and online.

Mimin Dolls: Tildo - soldadinho de chumbo
  • Hope Persons

    I ordered a one of her books from Amazon and hopefully will get here in a few days, but it's hard to see what's in the book when you are not allowed to see any of the pages. Thank you!

Mimin Dolls: tutorial - the make it and love it

Mimin Dolls: tutorial - da make it and love it

Zombie felt plushies - inspiration only

VooDoo BabyDoll Plushies by KatGore on deviantART

Making a Waldorf-style Doll Worksheet pattern on

Making a Waldorf-style Doll Worksheet pattern on