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Lesson idea for self-control- First, blow some bubbles and, as expected, the kids all pop them. Then, challenge them to NOT pop the bubbles even if one lands on the tip of their nose. Introduce the concept of self control and launch a discussion about stopping to think before you act. You can refer back to this again and again. "Think about that time when we didn't pop the bubbles..."

Desk Notes with a Dry Erase marker when there is going to be a sub

LOVE this! Hide Common Core questions under their seat and announce 'hot seat' sometime during the day. Whoever has a question under their seat has to answer it. Perfect way to review/have fun! This is an idea from kindergarten that could be used in ANY grade!!

IS AVAILABLE FOR IPAD! Cool idea for getting students' attention without using words!

Student Family Photos- have them bring in a framed photo at the beginning of the year and display them in your classroom . What a sweet way to personalize your room!

Love this idea! Have parents write their address on an envelope at Open House. Then, send a positive note home for each student sometime during the school year. (Picture only)

What do you tell kids when they ask why mean people are so mean? And what do you tell yourself too? Here's Answer#1 - which I told my son Ari. Click to read all 6 out of 6 answers!

Have you ever visited the BBC's Sound Library?? A MUST check out. Fully equipped with sounds ranging from weather to jobs to journey to animals PLUS FREE learning activities. Amazing.

Education - Motivation - Every teacher needs this in their classroom... to remind them of what they truly do. Pedagogia - Motivazione - Ognuno di noi può ricordare cosa significa insegnare leggendo queste poche parole.

Website that lets you chose your shape and fill it with words -even better than wordle

Taylor Mali. What Teachers Make. Reminds me why i once wanted to be a teacher.