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DIY Outdoor Seating inexpensive cinder block bench.

Lena Sekine: DIY Outdoor Seating

Cute way to organize stud earrings! DUH.

piñata cookie!

Photo Diary: My Bachelorette Party

Best DIY Ctraft Desk instructions I've read! Very detailed and informative!

DIY Craft Desk - Revisited ~ jannypie

Lawn Scrabble a game you can make, then play

Lawn Scrabble a game you can make, then play

Lauren this is for you...DIY Lanterns from tin cans & jelly jars. You said you were looking for gifts to make the guys for Christmas! :)

Ever wonder where and what kinds of food storage containers to buy to get organized? Check out this list! {Kitchen Pantry makeover resource list} Four Generations One Roof

Cow Mother’s Day Card Idea for Kids to Make "Happy M-UDDERS Day!" Funny Mothers day gift |

Cleaning Tips : These 35 tips and cleaning recipes for the home are awesome! #cleaning

Buy alphabet magnets and spray paint them metallic. It's like jewlery for your refrigerator! =D

Wow i'm saving all my poor quality broken lamps and making solar lamp & turn them into somethimg awesome

Awesome bubba keg!

Love these frames!! Great idea to coordinate the mismatched patterns. would be perfect for Kiran's room or a nursery. :o)


Unclog drain mix :) 1/2 c. baking soda, 1/2 c. vinegar. Put down sink cover the drain, wait 15 minutes and pour about 5 C. boiling water down. You might need to use a something long to poke it down inside the drain to help it. Used this today and it worked!!

Have you ever stored tomato sauce in a plastic food container, only to be left with a stubborn stain? Use a lemon to get your containers squeaky clean again.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to clean and disinfect your wood cutting board without using chemicals