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Tallulah by ©Alison Day Designs:


Perfect mermaid tattoo. Been thinking about getting one for Lily since she's an Aquarius and loves the ocean





If we were mermaids... Oh I wish I were a mermaid♥

I have an obsession with mermaids & anything nautical


Mermaid Statue in Greece. Mermaids were often depicted as saving sailors from the sea. Here this is beautiful portrayed and makes one ponder whether this scene was actually a picture in reality.

Hey ya'll im really sorry its taken sooo long ugh school I was too busy to actually write anything :( but I'll write some more tonight and ill put up a few snap shots as well tonight. I loved all y'alls comments! :D

I was a mermaid in another life... no doubt about it ♥

mermaid stained glass

Iara ou Uiara (do tupi 'y-îara “senhora das águas”) ou Mãe-d'água, segundo o folclore brasileiro, é uma linda sereia que vive no rio Amazonas, sua pele é morena, possui cabelos longos, negros e olhos castanhos. A palavra Iara é de origem indígena. Yara significa “aquela que mora na água”.

Unknown artist. I love this................. A fish girl is always going to love mermaids!

95% of the ocean is undiscovered. Don't tell me you don't believe in mermaids just yet

What I like about this is it almost looks like she is beating against the walls of her world.... as if she wishes to break free of the water.

I snort every time I hear this, a most unladylike noise. How else would the ocean get its salt, if not from our tears and the tears of those we love who were left behind, caught on shore in those dreadful days of the Horror? How else, indeed.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid. OMG this would actually make a really cool tat. Some women have pinup girl tat but I would want Ariel :)

A very one-of-a-kind necklace

Mermaids Ocean Sea Seahorses: "Just a Little Love," by Robin Pushe'e. #Mermaid with #seahorse.