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Life, love and vintage housekeeping online at for eight lovely years...

Be still my heart! 1950s Skirt 50s Peacock Feathers Mexican Hand by jumblelaya, $598.00

Their tears were their love poem 21... Absolutely in love with all of Christopher Poindexter's Poetry.

and when you leave apart of you stays there and (though you don't always want it to) it leaves a mark in that spot forever. so you can't forget all that happened there. no matter how horrible it might have been.

The softer side of Autumn - A green and white table setting from Craftberry Bush.

I'm usually not a fan of "old school" tats... I generally find them repetitive and uninspired renditions for wannabillies. This one, however, is cute. I think it's the rhyme rather than the art.

Begin by writing a description of this woman. There is a story in every wrinkle...

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos. i love that people have always been a little weird.

Agnes Richter was a German seamstress held as a patient in an insane asylum during the 1890s. During her time there, she densely embroidered a waist coat with words, undecipherable phrases and drawings which documented her thoughts and feelings throughout her time there.