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2nd Grade Science

FREE Introduce the physical science terms "forces" and "friction" with this fun Star Wars activity. Using figurines and drinking straws, have student determine the amount of force it will take to move their favorite Star Wars characters. Additional directions and recording sheets are attached on this FREEBIE!

Star Wars: Forces and Friction

Force and Motion: Race Car Theme (Free) This activity is intended for application of force and motion vocabulary/concepts. Students should match words (force, motion, push, pull, and friction) and definitions, as well as tell why a smooth, flat track would be best for a race.

Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science in 2014-2015

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science in 2014-2015

Getting sick of using water as your one and only example of matter changing phase? Check out this video. It uses glass, chocolate, and a few other items as examples. {Made by the Columbus Museum of Art}

Photo of Owl Camoflauge

15 Camouflaged Owl Blending In With Their Surroundings

Animals adapting to winter activity. I think this is a great hands on activity to help the students understand what an adaptation really is. Have the students stick their hand in a bucket of ice water, then when it gets too cold have them put on a rubber glove and try again. They will realize it does not hurt as much. Then you can explain how this is an "adaptation"

Preschool - What fun we have!: Animals in Winter