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Need a tree that grows in a hurry? Check out these fast growing trees.

Fast growing trees for your yard

How to Save Seeds to Regrow Vegetables - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading

How to Save Seeds - Live Free, Live Natural

10 Essential Tips for Planting a Garden - Whether you are planting your first garden or getting ready to expand your plot, these 10 tips are sure to come in handy.

10 Essential Tips for Planting a Garden

A Beginner’s Guide to Whittling. Oh yeah I could get into this on a hot afternoon in the shade....

A Beginner’s Guide to Whittling

OOOO when we move I SO wanna do THIS! How To Grow Lemons Seeds » The Homestead Survival

How To Grow Lemons Seeds | The Homestead Survival

some think the Katsura tree smells like caramel or cotton candy when it loses it's leaves in the fall. Besides being wonderful to smell in the fall, the Katsura sports a lovely blend of orange-, raspberry- and apricot-coloured leaves. In the spring Katsura has reddish-purple new growth, in summer it sports heart-shaped blue-green leaves and in winter the gray, slightly exfoliating bark lends interest.

ornamental trees

Tips on choosing plants for landscaping ~ color, height, growth, etc...Inspiring insights from contributors, employees, owners, partners, and customers.

Revit RPC Tree Guide from a Revit User

- How to Grow Avocado from Seed or Pit - I did this when I lived in Maryland - the tree grew to about 6 feet tall, but randomly died. Now i'm in NC - and going to give it another whirl!

How to Grow Avocado from Seed or Pit

plant a peach tree from pit: remove flesh and dry 3-4 days, crack pit open and remove seed, place in ziptop bag 1/2 closed until ready to start, add 1 inch water-seal and place back in frig 2-3 hrs, add soil until moist-seal-back in frig(30-40degrees F) for 5-6 weeks, remove to planter when seedling appears

How to Prepare Peach Seeds for Planting | eHow

How to grow cherry tree from seeds. I'm sure I'll just end up buying a tree & planting it but this is still good to know!

How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seed or Pit | eHow

Want to add some cool beauty to your landscape? Here are fast-growing trees for shade, screening, and spectacular ornamental beauty. |

Fast-Growing Shade Trees

How to grow apple tree from seed - Alternative Energy and Gardning

How to grow apple tree from seed - Bloglovin

8 indoor plants that make your house smell good and purify the air.

8 aromatic indoor herbs that purify air naturally

Drying Gourds

How to grow rose cuttings with potatoes - Texas A

How to Propagate Roses Using Potatoes

Did you know that grapes can be trained into patio trees? Me neither. That is, until I saw one in all its glory

Great Vertical Gardening Inspiration and Information

vinegar instead of round up

Got Weeds? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup

milk carton watering can...great idea for kids helping in the garden. Smaller kids can use a half-gallon

I've used this and it works the world's most perfect fertilizer + pesticide is epsom salt. This is so true- every other week- 1 gallon of water, 1 TBSP of miracle grow and 3 TBSP of epsom salt- I promise a great garden all season.

a craft a day: all in one organic fertilizer + pesticide

Heucheras, the "new hostas" for shady spots, more colorful

Heucheras bring burst of color to shady areas

Knockout roses and hostas planted along fence. Low maintenance and beautiful!


Maine & Mason Jars

Herb basics

Herb basics...