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Danny, you need to perk up. It’s a party. At the same time you need to chill out. Your mood is one of palpable tension and it’s making everyone about 12% less loosey-goosey than they should be. Can’t have that. Take me as an example of the required dichotomy. Up top I’m all party, hence the hat. Downtown I’m so chill, I refuse to use my legs and have Kevin carry me. That’s the mood we’re going for. Would it help if I had Kevin grab you a burger? They’re dynamite. They’ve got chorizo in them.

A Funny, Illustrated Etiquette Guide For Dogs -

A Funny, Illustrated Etiquette Guide For Dogs -

Don’t move - You’ve just found a little spot of heaven on this earth!

Pug necklace by StickManJewelry on Etsy, $30.00

it's a pug thing

pug Gifts | Spreadshirt

stinkywrinkles: The highly-coveted “squished directly next to Momma” spot. Other laps available? Lots of free chairs or beds laying around? Who cares. WE WANNA BE THE ONE SQUISHED NEXT TO MOMMA

pug stuff....where is this amazing store?!?!?!?!?!

We so badly want a Frenchie... Bruce needs a puppy!

funny cute pug pic!

Have a heart adopt an old fart